Various types of Massages

We are specialized, trained and proficient at the types of massages we offer.  Check out the list of the massages we provide by clicking the Read More button!

Delightful, soothing strokes up and down the muscles using the fingers and hands.

Deep Tissue
Using fingers, palms, thumbs, or elbows to penetrate deeper into the muscle, used with Swedish Massage.

Neuromuscular Massage
Using finger pressure on the “points” where there is usually neurological activity in the muscle causing spasm. Spasm is released with finger pressure creating a balance between the nervous and muscular systems.

Hot Stone Massage
For thousands of years other cultures have been using stones for healing. In Hot Stone Massage, smooth river stones are used to massage and lay on the body. The heat helps to relax tight muscles and eliminate muscle spasms. This will leave you feeling extremely relaxed mentally and physically.

Prenatal Massage
For Mothers-to-Be special needs and comfort. Long soothing strokes.

Chair (or Seated) Massage
Performed through the clothing, seated, in a special-made portable massage chair. Lean forward into the chair, resting the head in a “face cradle,” allowing you to relax completely.

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